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2019 highlander front tow hook?


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There are no front tow hooks per se. If you look carefully at each end of the front grill, you may notice a small area of plastic that can be carefully pried out. Located deep inside is a threaded socket that will accept optional eye bolts available through your dealer. I tried to add photos but couldn't. If stuck, pry out the plastic grill caps and screw in the 6" long, .75" diameter eye bolts.


This video explains it for a 2012 Highlander. I bought a 2018 in Canada and Toyota no longer provides the tow eye bolts as part of the tool package in the trunk. The process is the same.

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I recently had the same issue with my 2015 Highlander. It has the removable plastic cover in the bumper and there are threads to screw a hook into. I went to Toyota Dealer and was advised that the tow hook is not supplied to North American Highlanders after the 2014 model year as it is "not applicable since they are produced in North America and so are no longer needed" (that is what my dealer was advised by the Toyota parts office)

This seems a crock to me and I am left wondering how to pull my Highlander out forwards if it gets stuck in mud or snow

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