timing chain cover 2009 S model-2.4L engine

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I am handy at working on cars but this is defeating me!  Trying to get to the timing chain.  I cannot get the cover away to work on the timing.  It is a one piece design, with the water pump housing built in.

There are three water hoses in the back that are not easily (understatement) accessible. Does anyone know how to get to them? I've got the alternator off and got the frontmost hose off.

Looks like the a/c will have to come off also? Or am I missing an easier way? The mounting plate of the alternator looks like it can come off to allow access, and I've removed the bolts I could see, but it's not moving. Is there another behind the thermostat housing?

 Looking at the a/c mounting bolts they appear pretty rusted and I'm afraid I'm snap one off?




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I'll answer myself... It appears it is far easier to remove the intake manifold and go from above to the hose clamps. 

Now to set the timing.. can't wait.



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Hi jc...sorry no-one got around to answering you previous post.

Well, at least you managed to find a easier way of accessing the hose clamps.
Now, as you say, you can get into the timing chain...good luck with it and let us know how you get on with it


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