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2004 Toyota Avalon Security feature nightmare.

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Hello all. My daughter lost her coded key for a 2004 Toyota Avalon. I exhausted all other avenues, and at the suggestion of others on reddit, helped her contact a local dealer, who told her the "immobilizer" can be recoded for another key, or something like that, for FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS.

I am going to call them monday, to see if they are serious, (they probably are) but is this for real?

Can anyone recommend another course of action other than spending more than the car is worth itself? Maybe take out the entire ignition system and install another one? What about simply getting another engine computer completely?
Any ideas appreciated. My daughter is in meltdown and we just can't afford it.


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Hi....welcome to the Forum

I would go to a Locksmiths to see if they can programme a new key for the car....probably cost no more than 100 dollars but you would need the original key code for them to replicate the blade to unlock the door and ignition. 
Otherwise, a mobile Locksmith should be able programme a handset to the car directly

Keep us updated

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