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Greetings from Toots in North Carolina!  My wonderful 2007 Camry Hybrid died recently and was replaced by a 2019 Camry.  I REALLY miss the compass feature in the review mirror. I feel it was extremely helpful when GPS wasn't available, and it made me a safer driver. Off-market versions exist (I am not the only person unhappy about this), but Toyota says that putting in a non-Toyota product will muck with the warranty. No surprise. I've asked about replacing it with an earlier Toyota mirror am awaiting a reply.

Has anyone else done a replacement?  Or has anyone installed any kind of app?  Or a car compass (what kind?)

Don't get me started on the absence of a CD player.  I found a plug and play one!

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Hi Toots and welcome to the Forums

Maybe an aftermarket accessory type compass would be the way forward as anything that interfaces with the cars' onboard electronic system would invalidate the warranty.

CD players are now listed as 'Retro' which is unbelievable as they are still selling CDs in stores which I find unbelievable.

Good to have you onboard

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