Lisa Kathleen

Changing out rear seat - am I crazy?

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I love my Echo hatchback, and it's a 4-seater with those useless cupholders in the back center. Apparently the 2000-2005 was produced as a 5-seater as well, with a bench seat in the back. I drive carpool with 4 teenagers, and am currently borrowing a car 3 days a week to make it possible. Luckily they are all small people, or this would be a totally ludicrous idea. That said....

Question 1) Can anyone out there confirm that there is such a thing as a 5-seater HATCHBACK? Apparently any car from 2000-2005 should work for same seats. 

Question 2) Can anyone confirm that the rear bench seat from a sedan will/will not work in my hatchback? I am aware that I will need to move some frame pieces as well, and a seatbelt. 

Question 3) Am I crazy to think this is a better idea than buying a new car? I live by the beach and it is a MAJOR plus to drive a car small enough to park in the leftover in-between spaces on busy beach days, so I don't want a bigger vehicle. Even a foot longer would mean I would lose my parking advantage. B-)

Thank you to anyone who can help with this!!

~Lisa K. 



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Hi Lisa

It seems a logical idea to swap out the rear seats, assuming that the replacement one will fit.
It is certainly a good route to go down and one that I would embrace to accommodate another passenger rather than change the vehicle.

However, I think the best route to go would be to visit a breakers yard that has a Echo or even a Yaris hatchback and see if you can match the seats...if so, problem solved and also a cheap mod to carry out.
Let us know how you get on with it

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so have you tried to swap the rear seat of a sedan in your hatchback? im looking to do the opposite, curious to see if it all fits.

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