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Matrix Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor (TPMS).. how to turn off?

Paul Hacker

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This is my first post. I have a Toyota Matrix, 2008, model. 161,000 miles!!! Now the pressure sensor monitor stems (or the device) leaks air. I have to air up the tire every 3 days.


I want to use a plain tire stems.

I could just block the 'tire light' with a bit of tape but...

If I leave one of the sensors out at atmospheric pressure can I just reset it to that and keep it in the car glove box?

Or is there another way?



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I had this problem and was told I needed a better tire seal because of the wheels.  
The tire place sealed them better, but I still have issues with that low pressure light not wanting to go off especially on cold days after I fill them.
There is a reset button to the left of the steering wheel on the panel.  
Here are directions.  It's the same for our Matrix:


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NO and neither should you want to. It is there for very good reason. What you have to realize that your tire pressures will fluctuate with an increase or decrease in temp. For every 10 degrees drop your psi will go down by 1 so if the temp is 65 one day and the next day it has dropped to 30 or lower your psi will have gone down by 3 psi or more this will make your tpms light activate.  It is a pain but a pain put there to protect you. There have been fatalities linked to tire pressure dropping and the drivers being unaware.

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