'07 XLE Phone Prob. Outgoing works, incoming doesn't.

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Hi all.  I just took possession of a beautiful '07 Camry XLE 4 cylinder.  It came with what I'm sure at the time it was built was considered state of the art technology:  An integrated AM/FM/CD changer/Bluetooth phone/Navigation system.  JBL.  Sounds great, frankly.

But my owner's manual references a different unit entirely.  Keeps referring to an "Audio Control Knob" and there's no such animal on my radio.  Illustrations don't match up either.  I found a separate manual online but to my disappointment it too referenced a different unit.

Despite its lack of intuitive design I've managed to figure out how to program the steering wheel controls so that I can turn the unit off and on, control volume, and move from one station to the next (but not to my presets, unfortunately) and also from one track to the next on a CD or when I'm using Bluetooth to stream from my iPhone.

My problem is with the phone.  I can pair my phone (iPhone 7 originally and now an iPhone 8) to the Bluetooth just fine, and although the link occasionally drops out, I can do "Hey Siri" and place an outgoing call.  The person I call hears me through the roof mounted mic, and I hear them through the car's audio system loud and clear.

But when I receive an incoming call things get weird.  Instead of hearing my phone's ringtone, the car's audio system produces a loud ring like an old fashioned telephone.  And no matter how I answer it.....whether by tapping on my phone's screen, tapping on the audio system's screen, or using the steering wheel controls, the connection to the caller is made, but I only hear them through my phone and not the car's audio system.  And yesI make sure to check the iPhone's screen to be sure the call is being routed through the car's bluetooth and not the phone.

Basically I'm looking for a way to bypass the car's out-of-date integrated phone system and just use my iPhone 8.

Here's a pic of the unit in question:5a9b37d53ace8_ScreenShot2018-03-03at6_03_10PM.thumb.png.c3e9f85f3f64297899926160e895d3d9.png

If anybody can help me I'd be truly grateful.  I hate the thought of having to spend hundreds of dollars for a new double din unit and installation simply to gain that one capability, but being able to make and receive phone calls hands free is of utmost importance to my job and my personal life.


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it sounds very similar to the issue I have with my 2007 Honda CRV which has the opposite problem.

To make calls, I have to dial the number on the phone, hang up and then press the phone button on the wheel and announce 'redial' for it to then go through the cars' audio system.

When an incoming call comes in then I can answer that straightaway through the cars' controls.

The reason is that the call has to come through the cars' audio system and I think in your case it is not when you receive a call. You may be able to alter the settings but I don't think that will work. Maybe the only way is to hang up and dial the number so you end up making the call....a complete pain but 2007 was at the start of voice control and phone connectivity and as such the technology is quite primitive by today's standards.

Let us know if you do find an alternative method to get it working sensibly.

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