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Hello to all the Toyota Users out there.  Hope your ride is running Smooth.

My 2006 six(6) cylinder is running pretty rough right now.  Not sure just why. 

My best guess is dirty fuel injectors or bad coils.  I am not sure which.

When it starts it runs rough until I press on the gas and it gets less rough,

"almost" smooth but not quite.

When cold it will "tend" to idle smooth but after it warms up the idle starts

smooth but gets rough and even rougher quickly as the idle time gets longer.

The weather, Dry or Damp, does not seem to change the way the engine runs.

Using a lot more gas as well.

Does anybody have any experience with this kind of a condition.?

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I would recommend running some fuel treatment through the fuel system/engine and then follow it with an Italian Tune-up....this tends to sort poor idling problems.

At least it's a place to start and it costs very little. From there on it would be a case of checking vacuum leaks, engine condition, etc and albeit it's fundamental stuff and shouldn't cost too much in time, its still best to eliminate the obvious things first.

let us know how you get on and what you find

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