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2009 Matrix - AC Magnetic Clutch Relay?


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I have a 2009 Matrix S.  At start of season my AC was not making cold air.  after paying the dealership a LOT of money for the first diagnosis and replacement of a condenser (which I doubt had any issue since the shop that recharged it with our tire changeover said the pressure was fine), and learning that it still wasn't working ($660 later) and telling me I needed a new compressor for another cool $1000+, I gave up on them.  Latest possible diagnosis from another shop I trust more is the relay for the magnetic clutch. According to the Haynes manual, this is the M/G CLT relay in the fuse block under the hood.  The only issue is that my car's fuse box has no such relay indicated.  Shop suggested it might be a fusible link and not have a relay, but had no idea where it might be.  No online resources I can find show where this might be. The owner's manual is useless.  The Haynes book indicates the relay, but doesn't indicate where the relay is.  Why is this such a secret???  Can anyone help me locate this?

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