A bit of advice with the wiring on my '85 base model truck?

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Ok, here's my problem: when I got my truck, it had nothing for electrical in the cab. The radio, cigarette lighter socket, even the fan blower motor are all missing. The only electrical anything this truck has is the important stuff, like the head lights and tail lights, the turn signals, brake lights, head lights, and the ignition/starter system (plugs and cables, battery cables, and so on) but the bare wires for everything is still there, complete with the factory connectors. I have to have my phone on me at all times for work. About the only time I can get away with turning it off is in school. So, trying to keep my phone charging in my truck, I went to Auto Zone and got a new power socket, and plugged it in where it was supposed to go. Everything plugged right in. When I plugged my car charger in, the whole socket exploded in a shower of sparks and smoke. So, then I went out and bought another socket, some wiring, an inline single fuse fuse box (used a 15A fuse) and plugged it straight into the battery, bypassing the truck's electrical system altogether. This had worked on the old '88 Ford I had before this truck. Anyway, so, after double and triple checking everything to be absolutely certain it was plugged in properly, I tried again with a new car charger. Even tied straight into the battery, it still had the same effect as my first try- it exploded in a shower of sparks and smoke. I need that working power socket. I am at a loss, guys, and where I haven't started the electrical phase at the tech school I am attending, I have no idea what else to try. Any advice?

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