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Hey guys, my name is Travis.

I bought a 1994 Toyota Pickup 2WD in the spring from the junkyard i worked at.

I paid $500 for it and since have put probably another $600 into it. I've already done a bunch of work with the intentions of doing much more.


I also own a 1986 300ZX and a 1986 Jetta.

The 300ZX is my drift car. I just started drifting this year. Hopefully by next year the car will be setup better.


The Jetta used to be my daily/street/auto x car. The Trans blew so i pulled it out to fix it and ended up selling the motor, trans, and coilovers off it.

This was it in it's hay day (last summer). It ran well and was quick. I plan on getting it back on the road at some point in the future.


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