After market fog light kit. 2011

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I've read some good ideas and ways to installed fog lights and switch. I look around the engine compartment by the overflow tank looking for the factory harness. Our RAV didn't have it, so back to the after market harness. Found out I didn't have to take the front plastic nose off, but by drive onto my portable ramps got plenty of room under the vehicle to pull down the plastic shield. Also by opening the splash shields in wheel wells (just the front section) was able to get to the fog light holes. Mounted the lights easy enough and jump them with hot wire to ensure they would light. Ran harness through the front rails and plastic tie rapped in place. The only issue that came up was where to run the harness into the cabin, without drilling a new hole. Found enough room next to the heater exchange pipes that go through the firewall. Laced the harness along the main harness and again tie rapped in placed. The only thing I would caution everyone who tries this is to remember to turn off the fog/driving lights when parking for the nite. Even through the switch does light up it is still hard to see because of the position on the left side of dash board. Oh yeah I purchase the 5 mini bulb LED type fog lights and I'm waiting until dark to see just how they look. I'll attach photos later. Thank you for reading this. If you have questions please contact me.







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