Passenger Seat Belt Rattles, Can You Buy The Scion Tc Seat Belt Clips?

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Hi I recently purchased a 2006 Rav4 that is in very good condition. There are a few minor things I'd like to take care of as I would like to keep this car for some time. I have noticed that the passenger seat belt rattles against the wall when it is not being used, currently if it annoys me enough I just wrap it around the passenger seat but this really isn't practical. I noticed that my friends new Scion Tc (2015? maybe 2014) has seat belt clips that lay almost flush with the walls and are meant for the seat belts to fit into them when not in use but only the belt not the actual buckle. I figured I could tighten the seat belt so that it didn't rattle but I was also wondering if anyone knew if you could order these seat belt clips for the wall after market and can they be installed in a Rav4?

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