Dilemma about buying used Toyota :(

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I'm a newbie with cars and am considering buying my first car - a 1984 Toyota Camry. I know the owner and can trust him with the maintenance. I'm a student and he's selling it for a price under my budget (1900$), plus it's got only 83,000 miles on it. So the deal kinda looks good to me.

However, thought I'd confirm and get some tips from the experts (especially those of you who're actually using a 1980s car as a daily ride). I only intend to take it to and from work (which is a ten min. ride from home).

Any suggestions on whether to go ahead with it? What problems am I supposed to expect with such an old car (I don't want to end up spending more on it for repairs than what I bought it for!)? Is it worth 1900$ or should I try to get the price down further?


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