Tim Bogdanski

1997 PASSEO CONVERTIBLE out of ASC in USA - Production #'s ???

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I have searched many a places for this information and am just not satisfied with the answers I get to this question. I find it hard to believe that in 1997 ASC (Automobile Specialty Company) did not have to maintain records of the number of conversion pieces. Okay, it was the only year Passeo's were modified and sold in America, these little coupes were chopped and reinforced in Long Beach, California to add the drop top, but with that being said we can get only get sales figures for how many sold in the U.S. in all of 1997 from Toyota and that number is 2,700. Toyota can not tell us the breakdown of coupes to convertibles and that is logical because they were all exported as coupes. Long Beach CA received some for the conversion process, but that is where my data collection has ended. One blogger posted 1000 were drop tops, but I highly doubt over 1/3 of all imports were modified. Then again, another blogger thought the number to be closer 10,000 ... and that's great, since they sold 2700 of them in total for 1997 in the U.S. Now you know the credibility and logic of people that use these sites to research. Heck, I have a framed Claude Monet painting for anyone that wants to shell out $15G's, and I DO NOT plan on disclosing what I know about it other than it does have the "CLAUDE MONET" brass museum nameplate attached to the bottom center of the frame and it a true painting representing the originator of the impressionistic style. Anyway, if you did get this far and have a way to contact ASC for credible number documentation on these vehicles, I'd love to know. Thanks.

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