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Hi there

i am a new owner of a 1996 Celica GT coupe, 2.2 L Automatic Transmission

the car has 138 K miles, one owners since day one of its life.

last month their was cylinder missfire on third block, and engine light came on.

took it to the mechanic, changed the plugs wiring, and tuned the car, changed timing belt, and fixed an oil leak.

- check engine light still on, error P171 ( System Lean )

- Battery light is on now, although there is nothing wrong with it

- The biggest problem is that whenever the car warms up the engine starts to shake ( RPM goes from 700 to 1000 and back in a sinus wave ), so if the car is on drive it shakes and wants to move ahead unless you really brake hard, and when on park or neutral the engine still shakes.

the mechanic said its an old car and there is nothing much to be done.

any advice ?

Thank you

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