Ideas for selling '96 Anniversary Model

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My 18 year old son just shot a rod in his engine and we need some advice on how to sell what's left. The best we've been offered so far is $300 to a junkyard. 200K+ miles. Black. Interior is decent, exterior a couple of dings and dents. New tires. I've heard that the windows on certain old model vehicles can be sold for a few dollars. Any suggestions here are welcome!

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I had the exact same car, silver 96 aniv edition. You can usually sell it in that condition from anywhere between 800-1500. If you dont have any luck with that there are many parts people often need off the car. I just sold my tail lights for 90, turn signals for 25, center console for 20, side skirts for 125, random plastics from the dash that pop off for 15-20 a piece, stock radio for 35, bumper for 100, you get the idea. This was all just on one celica site and sold all of that in a couple weeks. Just put up at post in the buying/selling section titled "parting out 96 celica" and you will get tons of messages of people asking what they need from your car. Good luck!

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