2004 Package Tray Speaker 86160-ac180 Help?

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My package tray speaker in my DD (04 Avalon XL) started crackling and when I went to find a replacement at Best Buy (cringe, I know!), the "rep" said that only the stock speakers are compatible with the stock system. He said if I wanted to take out the head unit and replace all of the speakers and amp, there's plenty I could do, but just changing one speaker with anything they had would cause the amp and head unit to not work as they should.

And that's fine, I actually REALLY like the way the stock system sounds and I don't think aftermarket systems sound 'great' unless you spend an unholy amount of money on them, and it's my DD, so I don't ultimately care THAT much...

However, the cheapest I could find the one speaker for was here for around $250 (the dealership by my house said the speaker was $350 and they'd have to order it, yeah that's okay bud).

...the only alternative I found was a kit on Amazon---

What is this repair kit? Has anyone used it?

I'm going to order the speaker monday and just suck it up unless I can figure out an alternative...any advice is greatly appreciated :)

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I have done the repair kit. (found it on ebay) I was skeptical like you, but I didn't want to invest the big bucks in a factory fresh replacement. Surprisingly enough, when all was said and done, my system sounded awesome! Follow the instructions, be patient and it will definately pay off.

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