Wanting to buy a 2003-05 Matrix, what issues should I look for?

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I owned a 94 Corolla and was familiar with that car/motor. I'm looking for a 03-05 Matrix now and would like to know what I need to look for as far as issues with the vehicle. Most of these will have 100k+ miles on them. What tends to go wrong at 100k miles?

Are there any specific problems or issues I need to look for when checking out a used vehicle?

- I've seen something regarding the oil pump, which is critical.

- I've read where this motor has a timing chain, instead of a belt, which doesn't need to be replaced every 100k miles - But, I also see where many are replacing them. Is this necessary?

- What about CV joints, steering or suspension parts?

Just looking for input as I start my quest. These cars are hard to find. I really don't want to deal with a used car dealer or broker, but can't find many for sale by private owners.


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