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a year ago i bought a 1994 corolla which had had a front end collision 10 years ago they said. it needed many things done. i have done them little by little. i have been seeing that when the car has been on a lift at the mechanic, it has new noises which have usually eventually gone away but i always wonder what happend and if it is damaging the car and also 'i cannot stand strange car noises'. the shops deny that the lift does that. after having two front tires installed, one noise i have now that bothers me alot is the ignition or starter has a click when turning off and last saturday it also hummed several times at the 'on' position. i think maybe the frame of the car bends some on the lift to cause these noises. please recommend good and helpful car mechanics who do not use lifts who are in new york, nassau county. thanks

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