2001 Echo Over Fenders (Plus some fitment questions)

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Alright, so this is my first, used the search function found nothing about over fenders for the echo.

I plan on getting some Drag Dr-20's (15x7 +10) which will poke ~1.5-2" from the wheel well.

Also, kind of a tangent, but will this leave for enough backspace for the strut and calipers ?

I'm assuming it will because stock 5.5 +45mm is (5.5/2) = 2.75 & (45mm=1.7") so 2.75+1.7 ~ 4.52" of stock back space.

Where as the drags are (7/2)= 3.5" & (10mm = .39") so 3.9+.39 ~4.29" of back space.

I guess backspace isnt the proper word, uhh, back poke. hah.

4.52" - 4.29" = .23" of more space, So they should fit correct ?

I'm on Tein S-Spec springs so I have roughly 2" tops of clearance in the
fender but I'll be getting some 205/50/15 so it should have enough
clearance (hopefully? haha if not rolling fenders).

I've done some looking online and duraflex makes some sketchy seeming
universal fenders, was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to
do to cover the poke with over fenders. (or any other ideas ha

I have the '01 Base Coupe.

Thanks !

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