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I'm Carlo from Melbourne Australia.

I'm a very proud owner of a 2003 ZZE122R Corolla. When I purchased it new I said I was going to keep it relatively standard, two weeks later I started modding and I'm still going !

oh dear.... :P

That happened to me :rolleyes:

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Hi there everyone,

Glad to be here :) My name is James and I'm originaly from Canada but I'm now a resident of Missouri (USA). I'm 28, Married and I'm a proud owner of a 96 Toyota Camry LE (5SFE I4). I've got big plans for the Camry and I've done a few minnor things to date... the rest will unfold as the money flows in (which means that it will be a slow process.. lol). Well, it's been fun, hope to make some new friends with the rest of the Toyota owners here... take it easy. ;)

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1987 AE86 Corolla.Bought for 650. Burns a bit of oil but nothing too bad. FWD,Auto,AC don't work but trying to remedy that. Do I really need it in Seattle ? Maybe the AC will bring warmth. Warmth to all members out there!

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Greetings -

Just joined; bought a 2007 Solara convertible about six months ago. Have previously owned a vast number of cars, from a 1923 Model T Ford to a 1982 M-B 300SD to a 2003 Ford Ranger, etc., etc. With the possible exception of the M-B, the Solara is the most competent, quiet, comfortable car I've owned for a long while. Don't know about reliability yet, but rumor is that, being a Camry, the odds are good.

Talk to you later.


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Hi my friends!

My name is Vidal and i live in Brazil. I don't drive a car, but a mothership, my 1995 Black Camry XLE, with only 73k miles.

I hope to do good friends here to change ideas about the cars. Thank and sorry some wrong with my english.

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