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My 2010 Prius has a new problem at 33,000 miles. When I push the start button, the display shows all the warning lights, brake on (when it is not), check engine, low battery, etc. When I press the button again to turn it off, it will not turn off. I have to press again two or three times.. Then once it is off and I again try to turn it on, it works fine. This happened a month ago. I took it to the dealer (Herb Chambers Toyota, Brighton MA) but by then it was working fine. They checked over the car for two hours and could find nothing wrong. They did not charge me. (Thanks, Herb), but now the problem has recurred and is happening every time I try to start the car. Any body else having this problem?

I am leaving the car in the garage at home for now and driving my old Honda with 106,000 miles which runs fine.

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