Joey Diaz

16 yr old w/ 1986.5 supra

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still learning the basics in the supra world its my first real car. i got it on craigslist for $900, it was priced at $1200( steal). it has a small build up of rust on the front left fender above the tire and above the tire on the right back side. the guy i bought it from gave me 2 brand new front fenders (plus hardware), a car cover, complete factory manual, wires for a radio( it didn"t have one when i got it). In the car it had kenwood speakers all the way around it, with monster amp cables. The motor is all stock with a 7M-GE with brand new spark plugs,wires. it also has a new valve cover. if anyone has any Questions,comments, and/or concerns email me at

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i forgot when i bought it, it had 102,xxx miles on it with brand new tires, brake rotors, brake pads, with the wires and valve cover

i hav so much fun in it. my girlfriend hates it, she like my mustang better its a 1999 v6 convertible i hate it cause its a FORD (Found On Road Dead) HAHA it having tranny work done

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