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Re-Branding - does it work


Does the Japanese re-branding actually work  

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  1. 1. Does the Japanese re-branding actually work

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    • No
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  • 1 month later...

Well i never would have guess lexus and toyota were the same company, i was very surprised when i found out.

But even now i see lexus as luxury cars, and toyota as down to earth cars..

and i see the is200 as a drift machine :D (the effects of a LOC meet ;))

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I voted 'yes' for the toyota and lexus brnch of this thread.

The difference between the 2 is HUGE!

As far as service price car yards relations are concerned lexus is miles in front here in aus. Toyota is not in the same league.

I bought my car from a toyota dealer but now take it to lexus for services etc as they do a afar better job and actually listen...as well as do custom work for me...its a little bit more $$$ but its the peace of mind i like

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  • 7 months later...

Toyota did well with the marketing of Lexus.... plus the fact they always score highly in customer satisfaction surveys gets them noticed!

I only very recently heard of Infiniti, never heard of Acura - they should take a leaf out of Toyotas marketing strategy because I'd heard of Lexus, but it took me a while to latch on that it was Toyota - even thought the Lexus dealer in Coventry is next door to the Toyota dealer!

D'OH! :lol:

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Most Japanese manufactuers are at it, Honda with Acura, Nissan with Infiniti, and of course, Toyota with Lexus..

But do you actually see these 'brands' as seperate car companies, or simply re-badged Jap models with leather interior?

It's the same thing GM and Ford did...think Ford/Lincoln, and Chevrolet/Cadillac. It's nothing new...

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It's the same thing GM and Ford did...think Ford/Lincoln, and Chevrolet/Cadillac.  It's nothing new...

And BMW and Mercedes did it in reverse with Mini Cooper and Chrysler. And now Ferrari and Maserati.

I also heard that Mazda thought about doing an upscale line a few years back. It was going to be called "Amati". The Millenia was supposed to be part of that line, but just ended up being labeled a Mazda instead. I guess it worked for everybody except Mazda.

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This has been going on forever. The best example has to be GM. I mean, why would I sell someone a Chevy Monte Carlo when I can sell then a Chevy Monte Carlo AND a Buick Regal AND an Oldsmobile Cutlass AND a Pontiac Grand Prix? And Big Blue does it too. Why sell someone a Ford Crown Vickie when I can sell them that AND a Mercury Marquis AND a Lincoln? So Tokyo is no different. They can sell me a Toyota and a Lexus.

Japan In The Passing Lane. Great book.

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