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Corolla : Noise


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I have a 2001 corolla with 36,000 miles. It recently had a 30,000 mile service done. The front and back break pads have been replaced with new ones.

I have noticed that after the service, whenever i start the engine in the morning, i hear a strange noise/vibration from the front portion of the car. This noise comes, only when the brake pedal is pushed. The noise comes for around 2 to 3 minutes.

This happens only when the car is started for the first time in the morning.

Any pointers to whatz happening will be appreciated.



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try this i think there is dust on your break pads

  all you need to do is slam on your breaks at about 10-15 mph 2 to 3 times and see if the noise stops this happened to a friend of mine's car.

I wouldn't go slamming on your breaks to fix things, as it may only be a temporary fix... I had this same deal in the last car I owned. I installed some cheap breaks, which were very "hard" breaks, and they will most likely always make noise when breaking.

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Hi Guys,

I am new to TOCUS - I am from TOCAU (Australia)...

I have an issue with my current Corolla (2004 Corolla Sportivo), and I notice it predominantly when either weather is cool (ie 10 - 20 degrees celcius) or the brakes are wet like when I have either parked outdoors in the rain or just washed the car...

I find that by the time I get half way up the street from my house, about 1km, it goes away....

I also had the same problem with my 2000 Corolla Levin.

Have never thought anything more of it. The noise usually goes away fairly quickly and the brakes have always worked...


Aaron :)

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