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1996 Avalon XLS - Headlights Stay On


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I have a 1996 Avalon XLS, [owned since new]...this morning I was unable to turn the healights off. When I pulled the Headlight Relay [P/N 90987-020006] the headlights went off. Do you think the Headlight Relay is the problem...or another issue...i.e., headlight switch signalling the relay to stay closed? Note: when I turn the headlight switch off...instrument lights, tail lights & parking lights all go off, only the headlights stay on.

Thanks for your help!

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We had this same exact thing happen to us the other night with our 1996 Avalon. Of course it was dark, rainy, and we were some place other than home (gnarly and inconvenient). I tapped the relay and the lights went off. I eventually pulled the relay once we got home because even after tapping, the lights would come back on by themselves.

The next day I went and bought a new relay ($20). All was well until last night when my wife said the headlights wouldn't go on at all! Of course it was dark and she drove VERY slowly on the backroads home from the store. She got home and I played with them. They would inconsistently come on by flipping the headlight switch back and forth. My concern is that these bad boys will decide to misbehave while the car is driving down the road somewhere where. Now I have the opposite issue where the headlights don't come on while the other lights still do.

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