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Installed lower door moldings on my brand new Toyota Venza 2013. The dealer installed the rear door moldings too close to the edge that they would hit the front door. This led to a dent on the right front door of the car. Thankfully no one had opened the left rear door so nothing on the left doors.

I was at the Toyota dealership when I saw that and they initially told me that it is my fault and gave me an estimate of $500 to fix the dent and paint both the doors. After it was figured out that it is their fault, they ordered and installed new moldings and just hammered the dent from inside. I was told that they will have to talk to the owner to see what else can be done but today I was called and told that the owner is too busy to meet his customers and the owner thinks thats all that could be done by his dealership!

I have a question. What if I make a dent on one of their new cars and just take a hammer and hammer it from inside. Would they be satisfied? They would be! YES! Because they would just sell it to someone and make money out of it ..! HIGHLY UNSATISFIED.

I am sure that Toyota is too busy to handle such issues and would do nothing about it!

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