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looking to buy a 1999 4runner sr5 and need advise

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Hi I am a long time Lexus club member (over 1000 post).

I am thinking about buying a 1999 4runner sr5 withy a 3.4 engine in it.

I have no knowledge about this engine or what it takes to maintain it.

any help - warnings - suggestions - ???

were these good years? or bad years?

do your self a favor and buy ------------------ ?

whatever you do stay away from --------------------

this is what I am looking for

can/will you help?

below is my driver.


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They seem to be pretty reliable...I can't remember any major issues with those.

thanks Leigh, being a Lexus owner, I want to know about the engine upkeep too, timing belt, water pump etc. it seems to me about every 100k should do it. do you know if these are interference engines, if so what years?

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It's a non-interference engine and the major service interval is at 90K with the timing belt and spark plugs at 30K. The 5vz-fe engine is pretty robust like the 22r and the 22re. With regular maintenance they can go well over 200K miles. For further DIY stuff you can go here: 4runners.org

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Thanks, I have logged all this in, I am 78 and am a retired mechanic (1996) I had a 7 stall garage for 30 years in Richardson, Tx. We mostly worked on american cars.

I had never driven a Lexus until about 95, bought a used one and my world changed. I have had nothing else since... I guess what I meant to say was I am a DIY guy.

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