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Oil Control Valve Issue!!!!!! Please help me!


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Okay so I just recently replaced the belt in my engine after the old one was squealing. After a bit the new one did as well so we tightened it. Then a few days after my "CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" turned on and I took my Yaris to Advanced Auto Parts and they said it was the Camshaft Valve and told me to take it to the dealership and double check it. So I did today. Toyota Service said the OCV is broken and needs to be replaced and it would cost be $104 + an HOUR of Labor to repair it. I am a single mom working part time in retail while going to school full time. I barely pay my bills with my low income and sure as heck can't afford that kind of money when the stupid warranty should cover it.

Can someone tell me ASAP where to get this part CHEAP and where I can get it replaced CHEAP southeast of Houston, Tx????

Please help this single mom out!!!!!!!!!!


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