89 supra for sale! / or I'm looking For Parts!

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Body In great shape, been stored for every winter, has a two little i mean little rust spots, currently runs but has idle issue, its either the ECU or the MAS, both of which i have not been able to find to fix it!...IF anyone has either parts for sale i'll consider buying them and fix the car to keep it, otherwise I'm selling car for $2,000. This price also includes everything need to switch are over to a manual transmission including another trany with minimal mileage on it, the engine current in it has about 155,000 km on it even though it reads 340,000. Clearly this is due to an engine swap, but it still has excellent pickup. This deal will be a package deal so if you want the car you also get everything else with it. I'm firm on my price so please dont try and talk me down thanks Please call or empost-7078-0-12950500-1336064480_thumb.jppost-7078-0-86553800-1336064741_thumb.jppost-7078-0-72609700-1336064965_thumb.jppost-7078-0-33291400-1336065173_thumb.jppost-7078-0-12950500-1336064480_thumb.jpail Jerry 17058183219,

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