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Hello from across the pond (north Atlantic pond)

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So hi all. my name is Ian and I have just acquired my brothers V40, V6 3Ltr Automatic from 96 with 99 thou, no rust all options and very well cared for and full service history. They say never buy a car from family but in this case totally worth it also 4 new tyres so can't be bad.

Okay so I am a Toyota freak, I own the following:- 1987 Toyota Supra MK3 MA70GE manual Targa Top, I bought this car new in Germany, no mods to this car except for Factory option 6 spoke 17" wheels (option in Holland), made my own short shifter and changed out the single slit nose cone to a facelift split cone ( I like it better). Oh and she has done a genuine 177 Thousand Kilometres since new and touch wood no Head Gasket blow (yet).

I will be doing the following in the next 12 months to the Supra.

1) Cover the dashboard in sued.

2) Re trim the interior in leather. preference will be a light tan with black or dark brown piping.

3) Fit twin electric cooling fans.

4) Fit my new tuned SS headers.

5) Fit JDM rear lights that I have bought a few weeks ago, these will be smoked too.

6) All ancillary lighting I.E. side lights rear lights will be worked on and changed for high output LED's

7) Hid 6000K 55/35 watt Bi Xenon lights.

8) Paint job.

For the Camry, only mod I expect to do is fit HID lights to her, Like my Supe, the Camry is just great. I might even fit a hands free phone cradle and a DVD player other than that I think she is perfect.

So that's about the size of my hello.

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