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Hey everyone [high fives]

I am a chick with a 2003 Matrix XR (2nd owner). I love it, but don't love how little I know about cars.

Ready to give it a 100,000mi maintenance soon, but wondering if I should change trans fluid now.

My oil change guys keep pushing to have it trans fchanged, but I hear mixed opinions on whether that is necessary on an automatic. Also I'm sure they are up-selling. Thoughts?

Also my front spoilers fell off on account of front driveway scrapeage. Dumb plastic things!

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I would suggest you go ahead and do the transmission oil drain & fill. Or better still take it to the dealership for a proper fluid exchange where all of the old tranny fluid is removed (including inside the torque converter) with brand new and fresh Toyota Type IV automatic transmission fluid. Most likely they will also drop the transmission pan to remove any possible fluid sludge buildup.

Reason being that the transmissions are based off the Corollas from 2003-2008 and since the Matrix is a little bit heavier in comparison to the Corolla - the transmission runs hotter - meaning the fluid is hotter and does wear out quicker - usually around 40,000 to 60,000 miles depending on driving habits.

The front lip spoilers are notorious for getting damaged. Even on OEM ride height they do get scratched very easily.

You can choose to remove them or replace the front bumper from a 2005-2008 model as they do not have the front right and left lips and the foglights (if you have them) are relocated towards the bottom corners of the bumper.

If you are ever in Southern California, you may see my car in Anaheim or in Costa Mesa (work). There is also a few modified Matrices (plurl) around SoCal.

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I agree, best to just get fluid changed during your next oil change. Especially is you're coming up on your 100,000 Toyota maintenance soon. Matrix is great car and should run for a good long life.

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