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Engine and cabin air filters


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In the past I have been ordering air filters from Bell Lexus in Phoenix, Arizona. I have recently purchased a Avalon Limited that has a 350L V-6 and sources for the filters offers all brands of air filters except they do not list genuine Toyota brand filters for my Avalon. Can anyone direct me to a source for purchasing them except Toyota dealers' parts departments. Dealers are always too expensive. Bell lists parts for Toyota but I cannot find anything they have listed for genuine Toyota parts..

I'm here to tell everyone that this new Avalon drives, handles, and rides much better than the ES300 Lexus ever did. That ES was the pits. Ran alright but 'hunted' the road every foot of the way. Gooooood riddance.

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Yes, I agree the new Avalon is definitely a beautiful, luxurious car...but it's aimed at a different audience than the Lexus ES, hence the ride difference. The Avalon demographics are an older group; Toyota's attempt to steal clients from the Buick drivers (and it worked!). The ES is still luxurious, but sportier, and a little smaller, aimed at a slightly wider range of age ranges. Both are fabulous cars though.

I heard a nasty rumor that the Avalon is being discontinued; anyone else hear that?

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