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2005 Highlander Maintenance


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I bought a 2005 Highlander new and have always had my dealer perform the service required in the manual. I have had zero problems with the car. I now have 63,00 miles and plan to keep the car another 4 years, or so. Question is: Should I have any maintenance done beyond what the manual schedule calls for and if so, specifically what should be done? Thanks for your help.

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to: duffer7379

Keep on doing the preventive maintenance; I mean oil & filter changes, other fluids such radiator, brake, transmission, etc.. cabin filters, air filters and regular tune-ups.
Your car will still be going a long way.... I have a 2003 Toyota Highlander, Limited Edition currently at 290K+ in mileage and no majors as of yet. Runs quiet but have the evidence of normal wear of course; pitts and dings on the front side, little dents on the sides (thanks to other car owners with no etiquette in slamming their door open). Other than those that were mentioned, over all condition is great....

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Hello to All,

I am new to this club, living in Maputo, Mozambique !!! Although I am a Canadian....

I have a 2000 Toyota Harrier which is the sister model of Lexus RX 300 ( 1MZ-FE engine)

I believe these Engines are widely used in many Toyotas in Canada and USA.

I had #2 cylinder missing. Decide to open both Valve covers:-

Sludge had started to form.... Cleaned it out, removed oil pan #2....

Valve cover # 1 ( firewall side ), cleaned the return pipe, quite a bit of muck.

Removed Fuel nozzles and cleaned them in Ultra sonic cleaner ( which I bought in UK).

Installed new spark plugs/oil filter/ new oil/ air filter.


Planning to replace Valve stem seals soon.

Been reading on google on how to do it....


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