Toyota codes for repairs

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I have a 2010 Prius with 7,000 miles and I had a post on this site a problem with the P Parking malfunction and my gear flashing on the dashboard. I was able to move the gear to N and had the car taking to Toyota repair shop. They fixed the car and told me all was OK but that is all I got from them. On my repair ticket all it says is

scan system and found codes U0110, U0293, C1259, C 1310...........what do they mean?

Also, I travel a lot and have to leave my car at the Airport for 8-14 days at the time. Anyone knows if there is a way to put asleep the electronics so, I don't run the 12V battery dry?

I love my car but I now am a slave to it and have to plan my trips so the battery does not run dry......not too good

Thanks for anyone helping me with the codes and long parking issue


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This was a while ago, but if you search Prius diagnostics on a search engine, you'll be able to get more model specific information. I would ask your dealer about ways to save on battery life when not using the car. Luckily Public facilities are going to be installing more charging stations so this won't be as much of a problem. Good luck!

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