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Toyota Venza Review by Toyota Owners Club

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The New Toyota Venza

Toyota's motto is, "moving forward" and they keep doing it with the introduction of the new Toyota Venza. Categorized under the car selection of Toyota and nestled in between the popular Toyota Avalon and the fuel efficient Toyota Prius the Toyota Venza gets 21 mpg in the city and 27 on the highway. The sleek design will have heads turning because of its tough exterior and it will attract those who gravitate towards style as well. The price will cause you to italicize to it because it starts at the smart price of $26,475.

Once you take a walk around this four door eye catching impressive car you'll want to slip inside and see how it looks from the inside out. For those who require their music loud enough to vibrate the rear view mirror, you're in luck. The Toyota Venza has a 13 speaker system in surround sound; JBL is stamped on the speakers so you know it going to be felt while you enjoy your favorite artist. It comes with a CD player so you can have your music in hand or digital.

There is plenty of room for everybody who rides and it's technologically advanced with MP3 docks for your iPod audience, it comes with 4 docks. It also has Bluetooth capability so you can stay hands free from your phone. Once you've loaded it with music its time to hear the best sound after you turn the key. The Toyota Venza has a V6 for power and you're going to need those ponies when you start driving today's roads. There is an option for an AWD (All Wheel Drive) 4 cylinder and (FWD) Front Wheel Drive too. The Toyota Venza has a 6-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission that shifts when you need the extra power.

Everybody has their favorite color and Toyota introduces some new ones so you can add them to your list when making your choice. Those who like a lighter color can choose from pearl or metallic. If you feel like a darker color would suit your style you can choose black or red. If earth tones are your style they have got you covered, Tropical Sea or Aloe Green round out the color wheel. The interior color can be a light ivory or a soft grey; you can choose fabric or leather to personalize your Venza.

Upon your first glance into the Toyota Venza you'll notice that the traditional gear shift is reserved only for the driver. The whole driver's side is designed for you to stay in control and keep your passengers safe. You have the power with features such as AWD (All Wheel Drive) or 4WD (Four Wheel Drive) depending on the model you choose. Since we practically live in our vehicles it's nice to know that Toyota takes this into consideration. You can have heated outside mirrors and a chrome tipped exhaust pipe if you want. Toyota has thought about all the things that make a vehicle a personal statement. Explore the list and see if there isn't something you'd like to have as a special feature.

Performance is paramount because you need it to get you to work or school and all the places in between. The engine has torque control and if you know Toyota then you understand that they build cars to be fuel efficient and also with low emissions output. The Toyota Venza has ultra low emissions, it comes with ABS (Anti-Lock Breaking System) and EBD (Electronic Break Force Distribution) meaning that if you have to lock up your brakes it will distribute the force evenly between all wheels giving you more control. Safety first is very important; you want a car that can react faster than you.

In a world of touch technology and voice activated devises Toyota has taken that into consideration and installed a DVD player for the smaller passengers who will be sitting in the back. The DVD is voice activated and it comes with wireless headphones too. In order to make sure you can see all around you when loading the kids. The Toyota Venza has a rear view camera with sensors. After the precious cargo is loaded and when the trunk is closing if there's an obstruction it will alert you and not close so you have piece of mind.

Competition is big when it comes to other car dealers. Toyota helps you out by comparing the Venza against cars similar in style and size. Their website lays all the data out there so you can compare the numbers in black and white. You'll easily see that this new kid on the block is more fuel efficient and has more power than the competition. Toyota gets down to the last detail and that's important because when you buy a car you have to adapt to what's available. If you can't find a vehicle that gives you everything you want, its time to check out Toyota.

If you have owned a Toyota then you know they last beyond their expectations and with the advancement of the internet you can build your own Toyota Venza. You can pick the interior and exterior colors. Choose the fabric, choose the color. There are options that you probably didn't even know existed such as mirrors that can fold back if you are stuck in a tight spot for parking. You owe it to yourself to see what is available and to see what you have been missing.

Depending on where you live you can find a dealer that is close and visit with them about the new and exciting Toyota Venza. You can also see if buying or leasing one is better for your budget. You can estimate your payments and learn more about their warranty which is about the best in the business. You can get road side assistance or any other vehicle needs for the first two years or 25,000 miles, which ever comes first. It's nice to know that Toyota cares about you long after you have driven off the lot.

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