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Any 04 Sienna AC problems out there?

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I am a computer junkie and wandering around the internet alot. :rolleyes: .

I saw quite some people complaining about the 04 (some 05, few 06) ac problems. It is making me nervous as a newly 04 Sienna owner.

Typically, the ac would start having intermittent problems, or start making a noise. It would turn out to be the compressor/clutch seized up. And to make things worse, the metal bits and pieces would get into the whole AC system. As result, the whole system would need to be replaced. The cost is anywhere from $1500-$4200. Of course,that is making the onwers mad like hell. The dates of the posts range from 08 to this year (2010). I understand there are a lot of Siennas sold and I don't know what percentage was having that problem.

Most of them are longterm Toyota owners. Maybe it is just the spoiled Toyota owners expecting too much?

Any comments would be appreciated!

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