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  1. 1. How many 70's Toyota Corona's have you seen in America?

    • none, the only corona i like comes with a lime.
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Has been sitting behind a bar for about 2 years and have had my eye on the thing for a long while. waited on the owner to sell. finally sold it about a month ago(july 2010) The engine was FULL of mesquite tree beans and a pack rat ran out as I opened the hood the first time. Gave it about an hour of vacuuming and found that not ONE SINGLE wire had been chewed up, bit, torn, rubbed...nothing. even the tires all had air in them still, just the sun dry-rotted the 13 inch tires. about a week after i shoved an old battery in there and broke the key ignition to turn it on and EVERY light came one, every brake light, every interior light, fans came on, horn was squeaking just fine. as far as I know only the front right running light and the clock don't run. next we pulled the fuel line and put it in some clean gas and had the puppy idling for a good twenty minutes. Tweaked the idle a few turns and it was just fine. This car has so far, not disappointed me in the least. all its missing is an exhaust, drive shaft, beanbag seats, and a beanbag futon for the back! oh ya.



Ill be updateing this project, should be very cool :D

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