Joe B

'89 corolla starter

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Hi everyone, this is my first post so bear with me. I have and 89 corolla sedan, fwd, and about every tenth time starting the motor the starter just has one click, no start. If I repeat turning the ignition over and over it eventually engages the starter and it goes. It's more an annoyance because it happens so seldom and it is sort of a spare car. I have changed starters before and I am pretty sure that is the problem...a dead spot on the armature maybe. My problem is finding it! Where the heck is the starter?

Is there a website with a schematic or blow up of the engine layout or can someone describe its exact location and maybe the steps in removal and replacement? I have taken off the front left tire, removed the plastic cowling and still see no starter. Any resources available? Thanks in advance. Joe.

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