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Hello all. I need some help if anyone can assist.

My step dad has a 1994 Hilux and we think his air-conditioning compressor is not working correctly. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't do anything at all. We have checked the fuses and the connections and everything looks ok. We're not sure where to go from here. If you can at least point me to a good website I will be greatly appreciative. We're trying to avoid taking it to a mechanic. All websites I have found thus far is asking me for money to answer my questions.


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94 Hilux, 22RE, auto o/d, 2wd.

My A/C compressor is not coming on.

System is charged(guages on system now), A/C switch is on(light is on), blower switch is on and all fuses are good.(including the two in/at the inside R/H kick panel)

As there seems to be no signal from the A/C system, there is also no "idle up".

Clutch does engage if I test using a jumper to hot to it's connector.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Could there be a possible ground problem?

Where exactly is the A/C Amplifier located?

Thanks a bunch.

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