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1986 N/A MR2 Automatic HELP!

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This is my first post here and I am at my wits end. I have a 1986 N/A MR2. Has 96.600 original miles on it.

I bought the car from someone who replaced the head gasket on it and then let it sit for awhile. When I got it, the car would not start.

Now, only 50 miles after returning from the service center the car will barely go up a hill with my foot on the floor. Someone said that this car is fuel injected and therefore the injectors need to be cleaned. I just put a bottle of "gum-out" in the fuel tank tonight per directions and let it run, however it doesn't seem to help, if anything it seems worse. Currently I can get the car to 40 mph with the peddle to the floor the entire time. Up a small hill it drops down to 10 and barely creeps up.

At this point I would like to take a gun and shoot it to put it out of its misery. Here is a list of what has been repaired in the last two weeks.

I paid 1,400 for the repairs and I am pretty sure I got robbed. Anyways here is the list of what has been fixed, I would welcome some advice on what is wrong with this car or at least a bullet!




10/17/09 Replace 4 Spark plugs. wires, distributor cap 98.03 parts, 131.20 labor

10/17/09 Replace battery. 48.43 parts

10/17/09 Replace AC belt 23.91 parts

10/17/09 Replace ALT belt 18.12 parts

10/17/09 Oil/Lube/Filter 15.00 parts. 15.00 labor

10/17/09 Replace Alternator 147.71 parts, 82.00 labor

10/17/09 Engine Compression Test Good compression all cyclnders

10/17/09 EFI (what is EFI?) 59.99

10/17/09 Rewiring of old/corroded wires 150.00

10/17/09 Replace/Remove oil housing filter gasket 41.00

10/17/09 Tires

Total: 1,475.00 with tax

Still has a small oil leak from somewhere under the engine. Starts and revs at 2 on the tach gauge. Will settle down to 1 1/2 ish when warm. No power on acceleration from constant running or stop/start.

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EFI - electronic fuel injection, which meant a big thing back in the mid 80s.

Perhaps new fuel injectors are needed?

A proper fuel injection service requires more than pouring some sort of cleaner in the gas tank, after all those years it might be hopelessly clogged.

Might be time for an engine rebuild or swap as a worst case scenario.

Before you do - look into the transmission, see if that might be causing any issues.

Small oil leak may be the oil pan gasket or the pan itself.

Have you had the car looked thoroughly with a mechanic to find other possible problems?

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