90 Celica GT

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I am the owner of a white 1990 Celica GT. I am the original owner, and I love this car — but it has not been driven since 2002, and as a result, it has a few issues that are beyond what I can afford to repair at this time. When our daughter was born in 2002, we needed a bigger car (with four doors and a larger back seat), so the Celica was unfortunately sidelined. We are now driving a Camry instead. The Celica has never been kept in a garage, and since it has been sitting idle, its rear wheels are locked.

I will post the specs here, and hope to upload photos soon as well.

5-speed manual transmission

4 cyl. 2.2L engine

145,614 miles

Liftback w/rear wiper


Fog lamps

CD/cassette stereo

Cloth interior - good condition

Driver's-side airbag

The car has been in minor parking lot accidents; all damage was cosmetic and has been repaired. The airbag has never deployed.

I am hoping that someone who truly appreciates Celicas will be interested in giving my baby a new home. It's a good little car that just needs some TLC. If you respond on this forum, I will provide contact information.

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Location? Price?

We are in Astoria, IL, which is about an hour southwest of Peoria. I have looked up the configuration on the Kelley Blue Book site and consider the car to be in what they list as "Fair" condition, so I'm starting with around $1,500.

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I finally have some photos ready. This is my first time uploading photos to this forum, so I hope this works. I'll make a separate reply for each photo, so that I can add a caption.

These first two photos are 3-quarter views, one from the driver's side and one from the passenger's side.



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There are a few rust spots here and there … this one is along the bottom of the driver's side door. The view of the door itself shows how the clear-coat is peeling a bit. And the last photo is just to show the sunroof.

I know it looks like I'm showing all my baby's embarrassing features, but I just want to be straight-up on what her flaws are. No surprises. I know I mentioned $1500, but please consider that $1500 OBO. If I can't find a good home for her, she's heading for a junkyard, and I really don't want that!




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