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2004 Echo - rear brakes

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I bought my Echo in September, and it looks like it's time to get the rear brakes looked at. I'm going to a 'reputable' garage (ok; so it's more reputable than the last garage I went to, but it's not the dealer - I refuse to pay 5x what the job should cost... And by 'reputable' I mean I've been burned for good service in the past, so I'm quite, quite jaded). I'll be bringing my own parts (shoes and/or drums, TBD), and I want to ask the right questions before I leave it with the mechanics. What would you suggest I mention to ensure I get the best installation? What should they be checking/cleaning during this installation?

Are there 'sliders' on echo brake assemblies?

Also, any suggestions on what rear brake parts I should be buying would be appreciated. Ceramic?



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