TomTom Troubles

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I recently purchased my 2008 UrbanRunner edition 4Runner, and it comes with TomTom navigation. And when I activated it, I (like a dummy) didn't back-up the SD card! I was wondering if someone out there could send me a copy of their SD card so I will have the correct applications! I have already contacted TomTom help center and they gave me a link to their website and had me download their applications, But it was only languages and maps. It still didn't fix my problem, A friend asked why I haven't taken it to the dealership yet, And I'll tell ya, I have been a professional mechanic for over 23 years and I can't deal with service writers at dealerships! Most have limited mechanical experience and they act like your the dumb one when you come in with a problem. So, I would rather fix this little problem myself! It was my screw-up so I don't want to hear some 25 year old telling me I should have backed-up the TomTom, I know that! I was excited about having a brand new 4Runner and I wasn't thinking! If someone out there could help me I would really appreciate it, And if someone has a mechanical problem or a maintenance question please feel free to ask me, I like sharing my knowledge and if it helps someone understand their vehicle a little more then I know I have done something good. Thank you all who read this and I look forward to hearing from you!

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