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Rav4 iPhone bluetooth issue - Phantom call on startup


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A few days ago, when my iPhone 14 Pro (iOS 17.5.1) connected to my Rav4 Hybrid's bluetooth after starting up the car, the car started a call to nobody and was stuck in that state. I could not do anything with the LCD panel on my car to go out of it.

Only restarting my iPhone solved the problem temporarily, because the next I turned the Rav4 on and the phone connected the same thing happened.  

I read about this problem online and another iPhone user gave me a clue. He said that erasing the app Tile from his iPhone had solved the problem.

Since I had not installed Tile on my phone, I thought what could do the same thing as Tile.  I remembered that I had just turned on Share My Location before the problem started.  I turned it off and the problem has not reoccured.

Find it in Settings/Apple ID/ Find My Phone/Share My Location. 

This is a glitch that Toyota should be aware of.  How do I report that to their Information technology people?


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Actually the problem re-occured after a few days. Not sure what is happening!?  I had instaleld the Iphone update to 17.5.1

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