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Metal Noise Pulling Out of Driveway Turning and hitting bump


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Link to video!

Title says it all really but I will provide more info.

Car (2009 Toyota Matrix) recently has had most of the front end replaced lol. Subframe, control arms, ball joints, struts, axles, rack and pinion, wheel bearings, sway end links. The only untouched items are the tie rod ends and the sway bar / sway bar bushings. As well the brakes were done about 1 1/2 years ago, just the pads though and they still work fine. The most recent repair was the end links and I was getting a pop noise over curbs and turning but since replacing those it seems to be gone.

Now the only issue I have at all with the car is pulling in and out of my driveway, I get a metal clunk. It happens when the wheel is turned and I hit the bump / curb of my driveway, the noise happens when one of the wheels / struts extends / retracts. So basically going over a bump with the wheels turned causes the noise. It happens on both sides of the car and can feel the vibration in my feet, and have felt it on the drivers side, passenger side and more to the centre of the car. It happens with or without the brakes engaged. Happens also when the front hits the driveway or the when the rear evens out if that makes sense.

Recently turning left had caused the car to also make this same noise and feeling however after tightening the passenger side strut (which was lose) it went away while turning but still persists while going over my driveway. Additionally it has happened in other locations when I am turning on an incline, for example descending a parking garage or turning into a parking lot over a curb. Also my local mechanic who has been very nice to me is unable to locate the noise and has inspected everything to be in working order and besides the driveway issue the car seems and drives great. Just daily I get this noise.

I am truly stumped here, it’s not impossible one of the many parts installed is defective but also there are a few more untouched areas. I am hesitant about getting rid of the car as it has minimal rust on the body and the engine is in great shape with less KM on it than the rest of the car (long story)

Anyway any help is appreciated. Video attached.

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Little update on the thread here, replaced the links, which had torn rubber only 2 weeks after install hmmm. Regardless the noise going on my driveway is still there although its more of a pop noise now and will happen while driving too, sometimes randomly sometimes hitting a small bump or tuning. Additionally, after backing out of my driveway the other day my alignment pulls to either side seemingly at random while I am driving and braking, it almost sent me flying into oncoming traffic. And on top of that occasionally after pulling in / out of the driveway, my car makes a grinding noise coming from under my feet when turning the wheel. Goes away after the car moves again. Left it with the shop as it does not seem safe to drive. Welcoming any and all theories lol. I am at a total loss
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