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:!: Hello Celica owners ;) I come from Latvia and I owned celica as well, I have member of celicaclub in Latvia, Its kind of new club so we are growing up and so.... http://celicaclub.lv/ and forum http://celicaclub.lv/forum/ . but that is not why I'm here. So Dael is :rolleyes:

I'm interesting to visit USA in August.... the correct date is from 4.august till 8 august. My visit point is to meet celica club in USA to take a lot of pictures of Celica's starting with gen5 up to gen7... oi and yes gen1,2,3,4 as well to drive around the city with U gays and know up better more about your tuning style and life style it will be like a small broadcast for us in Latvia.... called "How do Celica from USA drive" ;) :rolleyes: .... So I have big request for helping me out with that kind of meet, Can somebody tel me where U guys will be on date 4th to 8th august...... ore we can get organized to big meet in Los Angeles CA to make some drive around city, do pic nick :P or whatever U gays do in LA B)

Hoping for fast response and help out

Best regards Andy /JackFrost/ ;) :rolleyes:

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