Few questions on 3S-GE engines...

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Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in my introducing post (see signature for link), my engine is 3S-GE and it's tired...

I considering my next steps (swap to same, swap to different one or overhaul for the existing one) and I've a few questions.

I'll appreciate any answer or redirection...

1. How can I distinguish between the different revisions of the 3S-GE engines (from looking on them, I don't have any other details on them?

I'm assuming mine is 2nd rev. because it's from ST182 from 1992... but it is only an assumption...

Also, I assume the I saw for sale (imported from Japan) is 3rd rev. because it is from ST202 (have no idea from what year).

2. Continuing with the assumption that my engine is rev. 2 and I've the option to get the rev. 3 one (and gain 30HP)...

Do I need to change also the ECU (and cable) or I can fit him on the same ECU I've?

Thanks in advance.

btw, don't send me to swap to 3S-GTE because I cannot do it with in the law here... :-(

so I need to be satisfied with the extra 30HP between rev. 2 to 3...

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