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Can I claim the $7500 federal tax credit for my new 2022 Mirai?


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Hello fellow Mirai owners,

I purchased a new 2022 Mirai XLE a couple of days ago on December 26th, 2022.

The Direct Finance Manager at the local dealership stated flat out that I could claim the $7500 tax credit for my 2022 Mirai in tax year 2022, but I'm beginning to think he lied to me.

I searched the Internet and didn't find anything definitive, then I started filling out my 2022 tax year info in TurboTax, and when I went to fill out the page for "Alternative Motor Vehicle (Fuel Cell) placed in Service before January 1, 2023", I see a page that says "This tax benefit has expired", see jpg photo below.

Does anyone know definitively whether or not there is a $7500 federal tax credit available for the 2022 Mirai for the 2022 tax year?

Thanks in advance,
Jim M


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